Live with Rye! 

Find all the latest episodes from the new lives talk show series, Live with Rye! below. All episodes are produced by Rye Productions.

Live with Rye!: EP. 01

Interview with Creators of New Multi-Hype Workshop For Artists

Interview with Multi-Hyphenates Ashley Kate Adams, Kimberly Faye Greenberg, and Michael Kushner, creators of the Multi-Hype Workshop!

Live with Rye!: EP. 02

Interview with Actor Mahdi Cocci

(From BET+ Series BRUH)

Interview with Actor Mahdi Cocci from Tyler Perry's new BET+ series BRUH and Netflix The Lovebirds with Issa Rae.

Live with Rye!: EP. 03

Interview with Actress, Singer, and Unicorn Carmen Vass

Interview with Actress, Singer, and Unicorn Carmen Vass, who talks about her career, her path to healing energy work, teaching through healing, and MORE!

Live with Rye!: EP. 04

Interview with Nathaniel Hill, Founder of Broadway Plus

Nathaniel Hill talks about his company Broadway Plus and the VIP experiences you can book, going virtual,and the creation of Broadway Plus.

Live with Rye!: EP. 05

Interview with Morgan Smith and Auggie Greenwood, Creators of the Averno Musical Series

Rye talks with Morgan Smith and August, creators of the musical series Averno Universe! We chat about the creation of Averno, the release of Willow A New Musical concept album, becoming viral Tik-Tok stars, what is next for Averno, and MUCH MORE!!!!

Live with Rye!: EP. 06

Interview with Sammy Lopez and Tim Sebastian, Creators of

Rye talks with Sammy Lopez and Tim Sebastian about creating their new website platform for artists called We chat about the creation of 10glo, why it is so important to have a platform like this out now, how it is fostering new talent growth, and SO MUCH MORE!!

Live with Rye!: EP. 07

Interview with Actor and Creator Ry Armstrong, Revealing a BIG SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT

Rye talks with Actor and Creator Ry Armstrong about his HUGE SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT. It is going to be a fun-filled episode and you do not want to miss this! Tune in to get the EXCLUSIVE NEWS and hear all the details!!

Live with Rye!: EP. 08

Interview with Theater Producer and Performer Dan Stone

Rye talks with Theater Producer and Performer Dan Stone about his illustrious career as a co-producer, performer, advice for others, the state of the industry, and MUCH MORE!!

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