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Ryan or better known professionally as "Rye My" is a man on a mission with one goal in mind: To change the way news is delivered to people and the way in which we get our news and tell the stories. He decided to take this vision and put it into creating his very own news outlet cleverly named, "" The focus of is combining the things that Rye My loves the most which are entertainment, storytelling, (and Ellen DeGeneres!) and using them as a force and inspiration to produce content that people want to see and that is doing something for the greater good of humanity.  


Fed up with all the negativity, and at the time a recent high school graduate, Rye My decided it was time to finally do something, so he did. In the fall of 2013, he created what is now known as to combat negativity in the world of entertainment, and to challenge head on what no other network or outlet was doing: creating content that was FUN, EXCITING, GOOD, and POSITIVE while keeping a strive for accuracy and honesty in the forefront. 


Because of these reasons, and the overall message that Rye My has spread, he has been able to chat with some of the biggest names in showbusiness from coast to coast from Broadway, Hollywood, Music, and Television! Rye My has also gone viral for his witty, vivacious, and fun review segments of "Rye Reviews" and "Ryes Award Show Roundup."


So welcome to the site, take a look around, and dig in! There are lots of things to see here, and we ask that you SHARE what you LOVE so that others can experience the good that is doing, and the chain reaction will continue to grow! 


**This website has no affiliation with Ellen DeGeneres, she is just Rye My's favorite person and who he strives to be like in life. Her show and messages are what inspired him to start this outlet!**


"Changing the face of news one interview at a time"

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